"High Tide" is a narrative about the impact of coastal development, watershed-based sediment and pollution, marine-based threats, acidification of the oceans and rising sea temperature on coral reefs. Those are receding around the globe and particularly in the Caribbean, first losing their vibrant color, and ultimately dying. Without coral reefs, fish will not have the habitat they need to thrive, cutting back on food sources for people; their disappearance also has consequences on coastline protection. Art is a powerful instrument to convey messages, particularly on complex issues related to ecology, social and economic situations. In this series, I am combining various techniques and material: underwater photography with GoPro, digital editing, pigment print, painting, screen printing; raw pigments, fluid acrylics, interference and iridescent paints, ink, and wax pastels, trying to capture the actual iridescence, richness, atmosphere and beauty of our underwater world.


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    Created: September 25, 2018
    Updated about April 1, 2022
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