This series was inspired by the poem “Voyelles” written in 1871 by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, in which each vowel is assigned a color. For each letter I created one painting (actually two series) in which I tried to reflect the associations established by the Poet, while adding my own interpretation. Abstract calligraphy was introduced as a tribute to poetry and to render the rhythm of the writing, while white lines are suggesting the structure of the poem. The strongest analogies within the poem have been transferred into the painting such as, “I, Pourpre Sang Craché”, “A, Noir Corset velu des Mouches”. The materials and techniques used were painting, collage, transfers, and materials: acrylic paint, acrylic fluids, water-soluble wax pastels, ink and metal leafs.


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    Created: September 25, 2018
    Updated about October 10, 2018
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  • y orange, serie II 0 0
  • u vert, série II 0 0
  • y orange, serie I 0 0
  • o bleu, serie II 0 0
  • a noir, série II 0 0
  • I rouge, série II 0 0
  • e blanc, série II 0 0
  • o bleu, série I 0 0
  • i rouge, série I 0 0
  • a noir, série I 0 0
  • u vert, série I 0 0
  • e blanc, série I 0 0